For students

Practical Christian ministry in the church
The lecture material forms the basis of preparation, but for
fuller development of ministry skills requires the practical application of what has been learned
in the class.

At the beginning of each academic year, ZBKS assigns students to the churches where they participate
in the work of the church under the guidance of an experienced pastor. We consider this a very important element of the educational
process. Applying the knowledge gained in practice, the student gains invaluable experience and
grows as a minister. At the same time, the pastor’s comments, his assessment of the student’s ministry
coordinate the student’s growth process.

Short term summer missionary trips

The purpose of these trips is to preach the Gospel and support local churches.
Travel groups are formed taking into account the recommendations of the ministers of the host side.
Candidates are selected from among students throughout the year.
We see short-term trips as ministry of churches in our area, and we want them
carried out with the blessing and participation of local churches. For this reason, students visit
churches with specially prepared worship services that speak of the importance of missionary