1. Church Ministry or Bachelor of Church Ministry or Bachelor of Theology.

The Church Ministry program is intended for those who wish to study in depth theology, Church history, Bible study methods, and homiletics. The program includes research work as well as practical skills in various Church ministries such as preaching, counseling, organizing and leading small groups, and evangelism.

The aim of the program is to prepare qualified preachers, small group leaders, counselors, and evangelists for various types of church ministry.

2. Christian Education or Bachelor of Christian Education.

The Christian Education program is intended for those who wish to devote their lives to deep study of the Bible and serving God in the field of teaching, counseling, and organizing various types of church and social ministry.

Program Objective To prepare qualified Christian education leaders and teachers to serve in church and community with different age groups (children, adolescents, youth and adults).

3. Missionary Service or Bachelor of Missionary Service.

mo The Missionary Service program is for brothers and sisters who are committed to missionary service both in their local context and outside of their culture.

Purpose of the Program To prepare missionaries who develop their relationship with the Lord, have a good understanding and effective teaching of the Scriptures, are good at counseling, and have evangelism skills in a multicultural context.

4. Sisters’ ministry in the church (2 years), correspondence department.

The Sisters in the Church Ministries program is designed for those who see their calling in ministering to women in the church as well as outside it.

Purpose of the program To prepare leaders capable of organizing and developing nursing ministry in local ECB churches: conduct Bible analysis in small groups, evangelize women, engage in mentoring and counseling, and organize various types of women’s ministry.

5. Music ministry (2 years), correspondence department.

The main goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for musically gifted Christians who wish to serve this gift to the Lord, to get acquainted with the basic principles of organizing a musical ministry, to deepen their understanding of the purpose of worship and praise to God, to acquire musical theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the regent ministry in the church.

6.Church Librarian (2 years), correspondence department.

The Church Librarian Program is intended for brothers and sisters who are serving as a church librarian or who wish to organize and develop this ministry in their local church.

Currently, sidetracking has been accepting documents for training under this program since September 2019.

7 Internet Bible Courses.

Quality Bible education from the comfort of your home! Courses are developed by the Biblical Institute. Moody (Chicago, USA) and have a high academic level. Upon successful completion of 10 courses, the student is issued a certificate “Fundamentals of Biblical Teaching.” Completed courses can be credited upon admission to the full-time or part-time course of the Zaporozhye Bible Seminary.

All CBT programs help students acquire the necessary knowledge in their chosen specialization, as well as deepen their knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and develop the skills necessary for successful ministry in the church. The acquired knowledge will be useful for you not only for ministry in your church, but also for your personal spiritual life. Also, the subjects studied will allow the student to conduct counseling work, advise on various issues of Christian life.
During their studies, the seminary provides nonresident students with a hostel and lunch. Students living in Zaporozhye are provided with lunch. It offers students a library, a computer center, spacious classrooms, a kitchen.
Information about the deadlines for admission of documents, about entrance exams and sessions, as well as other useful information can be found on the page Rules for admission.